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Financial Education

FDIC Guides for Senior Citizens and Young Adults.

The FDIC has published two how-to guides to money management for selected age groups – one for senior citizens (and their families), the other for young adults (including those just beginning a career or family and others still in college or high school).

"Fiscal Fitness for Older Americans: Stretching Your Savings and Shaping Up Your Financial Strategies" (the Fall 2005 issue of FDIC Consumer News), is available on the FDIC Web site at www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/news/cnfall05. It includes practical tips and information on: sources of funds during retirement and potential pitfalls to avoid; protecting against financial frauds that target the elderly; simplifying and organizing finances; what to consider before giving others access to bank accounts and safe deposit boxes; and things seniors (and everyone else) should know about FDIC insurance. The publication also features retirement strategies to consider at different life stages, a 15-question quiz on money management for seniors, and a list of government resources (including some from the FDIC) that older Americans and their families can turn to for help on financial matters.

"Taking Control of Your Finances: A Special Guide for Young Adults" (the Spring 2005 issue of FDIC Consumer News) is available on the FDIC Web site at www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/news/cnspr05. It features common mistakes young adults make with money and how to avoid them; a financial to-do list young people can consider at key stages of their life; and a quiz based on the information presented in the special guide. Other articles cover topics such as identity-theft protection, credit cards, checks and checking accounts, and electronic banking services that young people might find attractive.

The guides may be reprinted in whole or in part without permission from the FDIC. Material used should be credited to "FDIC Consumer News, a publication of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation."