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Legacy's Connect Time Program

Connect Time Photo Connect Time Photo

Nearly 1400 hours…that’s the amount of time Legacy Bank employees spent volunteering in their communities in 2011. They spent time working in food pantries, helping with school projects, working concession stands during athletic events, serving on mission trips around the globe, sponsoring students during church camps, and the list goes on and on.

Legacy sees the benefit of not just doing business in a city but working to make a difference in Oklahoma communities. The bank encourages employees to get involved and volunteer through their Connect Time program. Every year each employee gets 40 hours of Connect Time. This is 40 hours of paid time to get plugged into the community during the work day.

Legacy’s Chief of the Department of Creative Strategies and Organizational Culture says the bank realizes the importance of encouraging employees to come together to give back to their community. "If you bring people together as co-workers putting in our 40 hours, that’s a company. But each time you add a common tie the company becomes more, call it what you want: an organization, a unit, a team. At some point people in an organization can join hands and serve together. The result is less institutional and more organic, which can be very satisfying, productive and worthwhile."

Legacy is always looking for more opportunities to serve both big and small. If your organization is needing volunteers, contact Ashley Arnold at

Connect Time Photo Connect Time Photo