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Commercial Checking

Commercial checking offers a full line of cash management products to help your money work for you. Click here for a full list of cash management products and services.

Commercial checking accounts are billed and credited on an account analysis system.

Commercial Checking Analysis Schedule

Fee Amount
ACH Origination $25.00
ACH File Submission $2.50
ACH Monthly Fee $3.50
ACH Debit or Credit Originated $0.11
Account Maintenance $7.50
Cashier’s Check $5.00
Checks Written $0.25
Currency Straps $1.00
Local Items Deposited $0.08
Deposits Made $0.25
Transit Items Deposited $0.10
Rolled Coin $0.15
Returned Check Charge $5.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Sweep Maintenance $15.00
Wire Transfer Charge $20.00
Incoming Wire Fee $5.00
Earnings Credit Avg. 91-day
T-Rate bill for
previous month