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Personal eBanking


Real-Time Balance Reporting

No time delay between the bank’s core system and the online banking system for transaction reporting. You can immediately see your transactions online as soon as they are posted to the bank’s core system.

Check Images

Front and Back digital images are provided online by simply clicking on the underlined check number within each account register. They may also be found by utilizing the research function located at the top of the account register screen and when viewing the account statement under the reports navigation button.

Transaction Categorization

Categorizing allows each transaction within the register to be edited and given a category title. For example, by clicking the “edit” icon next to each transaction you may apply a category title of business expense, donation, repairs…etc. These category titles are held to each transaction within the account register for 90 days. Rendering a category summary report will allow you to view the categories for 13 months.


eStatements are an electronic version of your statement and are the most convenient and secure way to receive your monthly account statements. You will receive an email at every month end notifying you when your statement is ready for viewing. You can view your statement simply by signing on to eBank and clicking on the eStatement button. You can then print a hard copy of your statement or save it to your computer or disk. By receiving your statement via eStatement, you will have access to your statement up to two days quicker, and it is securely protected by your signon ID and password. You can You can receive this service with any checking or savings account. Ask any teller or new account representative about this great, free feature.

Legacy Bill Pay

Legacy Bill Pay is an easy and convenient way for you to make payments online with your personal computer. With this great feature, you can save time and avoid handwriting checks, buying stamps, and mailing bills. You can set up multiple payees, make one-time payments and recurring payments, and pay individuals and/or businesses. There is a $5.00 fee for Legacy Bill Pay if it is not used to pay at least one bill every 30 days. To sign up for Legacy Bill Pay, simply enroll for eBank and click on the “Bill Pay” secure link.

Stop Payment

This is a fast and easy way to request that the bank place a stop payment on a check without you having to drive to the bank. The stop payment will remain in effect for 6 months. In order to place a stop payment, click the stop payment navigation button at the top of the account register screen. You will then enter the required information to submit your stop payment request. Once submitted the bank will place a stop payment for that item. ACH transactions are excluded from this feature.

Account Research

Account Research allows you to find a specific transaction within your account register and view it online. This feature is used from the account register screen. It appears at the top of the screen as a navigation button and will allow you to enter customized search criteria to quickly and efficiently locate specific transactions.

Account Reports (Statement Detail, Transaction Detail, Category Summary)

Statement detail report allows the last statement production to be pulled and viewed online. Transaction detail report will pull a chronological listing of transactions as they came through the account. A Category summary report will allow for a specific category of transactions to be researched within a specific time period. Account transaction reports can be exported in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format.

Transfer Capability and Loan Processing

The transfer funds button will allow funds to be transferred between accounts which are signed up under the same signon name. Loan payments may also be processed using the same transfer funds button. You may create future dated transfers to occur automatically or you may simply select a one-time transfer.

Check Re-Ordering Capabilities

Once a customer’s first check order has been initiated at the bank through Harland by a new account representative, the customer may then register on the Harland website (a hotlink is provided on the customer’s online banking screen) to request sequential check reorders.

Mail Box

The Mail Box function provides a way for the customer to send messages to Legacy’s Online Help Desk. When the Help Desk replies to the message, the customer’s mail box icon will flash indicating an unread message has been received. This is a very efficient way to communicate any questions or comments with the bank. The mailbox feature will also notify you through a message if a future dated transfer did not process for any reason.

Quicken and Microsoft Money Downloading Capabilities

The personal online banking enrollment form allows the customer to choose if they would like to be able to download to Quicken or Microsoft Money. These are both home based computer software programs that allow the customer to download their account registers into for multi-function account maintenance.

Enrollments - Steps to Enroll for Personal Online Banking

Go to the eBank Enroll Online screen. You will be prompted with a choice between Business Banking or Personal Banking. Select Personal Banking. Legacy’s Online Access Agreement for Personal Banking will then appear; read the agreement carefully, then choose to “Accept” at the bottom of the screen. This agreement is printable and also available as a link at the bottom of each web page once signed on to eBank.

You will now complete the enrollment form including a signon ID and password of your choice and the account number(s) for which you would like to view.

Once the enrollment is complete click on the “Continue” button. If the information you submitted is verified to be correct, you will be directed to the eBanking signon screen. You will enter the signon ID and password you entered in your enrollment to access your eBanking.